Autumn Colors In Bend, Oregon

Autumn Color Bend Oregon

The time between summer and winter can be a special time in Bend, Oregon. We are not known for fall color in the Pacific Northwest as well as other places, but no doubt we have incredible color that displays all throughout the states. The peak time to visit Central Oregon is near. Within the next week and through October can display excellent color. Since Central Oregon sits at a higher elevation the color is known to change first. October is generally best for autumn color statewide. Finding the best color in Bend can be difficult, but worth it when you find it. Personally I would stick close to the rivers.

What types of trees to look for?

Big Leaf Maples (personal favorite), birch, alder, vine maples, and tamaracks. I am sure I am forgetting many but these are a few main ones.

Best places you can drive to?

Highway 58 and Highway 126 I always make a point to drive during the fall. The maples hang over and drop their leafs on both highways. Highway 138 has multiple spots to stop off at and photograph the leafs.

Best places for photography?

The Metolius River, Tumalo River, Tumalo Falls, Mt. Jefferson, Silver Creek Falls, Shevlin Park, Sweet Creek, Columbia Gorge. These are a few personal favorites. Most are located right here in Bend, Oregon. Below are a few photos Nate Wyeth took this week. All available for sale right here on the site. For more of Nate’s work visit:

metolius Fall Colors metolius Fall Colors Hiker metolius Fall Colors Leafs metolius Fall Colors River metolius Fall Colors Hiker




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