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Human Element: Including People in your Photos to Evoke an Emotion

Dog & Human Camping In Tent














How do you differentiate yourself from other photographers? An agency looking for photos now has thousands of photos to choose from. Everyone out there has a DSLR or iPhone and finding a unique composition these days can be tough. Including people in your photos can be a way to to make your photography stand out. Here are a few reasons why you should include humanity in your photography: Read More

Photographing Silver Falls State Park In The Spring

South Falls At Silver Falls State Park Photographed By Skyler Hughes

During the Spring in Oregon the rain starts falling and the leaves turn green. When it rains it is one of the best times for photographers to hike locations that are normally crowded. Silver Falls State Park is a frequently visited location and for good reason. The park consists of 10 different waterfalls and 4 you walk under. Oregon’s largest state park (9,000 acres) all the trails are absolutely stunning. The trail of ten falls loop is about nine miles and a fairly easy hike.

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Autumn Colors In Bend, Oregon

Autumn Color Bend Oregon

The time between summer and winter can be a special time in Bend, Oregon. We are not known for fall color in the Pacific Northwest as well as other places, but no doubt we have incredible color that displays all throughout the states. The peak time to visit Central Oregon is near. Within the next week and through October can display excellent color. Since Central Oregon sits at a higher elevation the color is known to change first. October is generally best for autumn color statewide. Finding the best color in Bend can be difficult, but worth it when you find it. Personally I would stick close to the rivers.

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