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Human Element: Including People in your Photos to Evoke an Emotion

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How do you differentiate yourself from other photographers? An agency looking for photos now has thousands of photos to choose from. Everyone out there has a DSLR or iPhone and finding a unique composition these days can be tough. Including people in your photos can be a way to to make your photography stand out. Here are a few reasons why you should include humanity in your photography: Read More

How New Photos Can Revamp Your Website

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Do you have a website?

Every business nowadays should have a website. If your business doesn’t I am sure you are in the works or thinking about one. With the recent advances and trends in technology high quality photos are becoming extremely important. Nothing makes your site look more unprofessional than poor quality photos and terrible written content.

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What Is Stock Photography?

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The other day I was talking with a graphic designer about a magazine he was working for. Further down the conversation he mentioned that the majority of the photography they used was free or payed very little for. (understandable for a start up local magazine) He was frustrated with what was going on within the company and I mentioned Bend Oregon Stock for microstock photography. Another individual overhearing our conversation asked what is stock photography? He literally thought we were taking pictures of livestock. (I laughed) I didn’t realize if you aren’t in the design or photography community you might not know the definition. Read More