First Snow in Bend, Oregon 2015

Frozen Waterfall Bend Oregon

The first significant snowfall of the season fell in the mountains of Central Oregon. Early Sunday morning I headed up the Cascade Lakes Highway with a few other local photographers to find the snow. In Bend snow usually starts falling in November, but can be as early as mid October.

The Cascade Lakes Highway closes as soon as it accumulates a significant amount. Every year when the snow starts to pile up I head up to the highway as quick as possible before the forest service has time to shut it down.

This year we headed up road 370 to catch the freezing conditions along the creeks of Broken Top. When we arrived to our first location the sun shined and illuminated parts of Broken Top for fifteen minutes and then mother nature continued to dump snow upon us.

Our second location we headed to a canyon where we had seen a waterfall in the summertime. Conditions were almost perfect. Five to Six icicle made for an interesting and cold photograph. First frozen waterfall of the season in early November is a sign of good winter photography year. Keep your fingers crossed, do a snow dance, and check out the photos from our trip.

Dogs on First Snowfalls In Bend Oregon

Icicles Bend Oregon

Winter Broken Top

Huskies Snow Bend Oregon By Skyler Hughes

Snowfall Bend Oregon

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