How New Photos Can Revamp Your Website

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Do you have a website?

Every business nowadays should have a website. If your business doesn’t I am sure you are in the works or thinking about one. With the recent advances and trends in technology high quality photos are becoming extremely important. Nothing makes your site look more unprofessional than poor quality photos and terrible written content.

Why are images on your website important?

Blog and social media posts receive significant more traffic when a photo or video is used.

If you run an ecommerce site consumers are more likely to buy when the photos are high quality. (I’ve tested this myself)

Customers connect more with your business when they can see what you do


Working in the web design & development field I hear almost everyday. “We have photos we can use.” Usually this is said by companies trying to cut costs on developing their website. You can’t even imagine the quality of photos I receive sometimes. I even had someone send me a bathroom selfie to use on their about me page.


Are stock photos right for your website?

There are times as a designer I cringe at hearing the sound we will just use stock photos. Unless you are willing to fork the money out micro stock photos generally suck. At Bend Oregon Stock we are trying to bridge that gap. As artists we still have our limited edition prints that we don’t sell on here, but the rest of our photography is fair game.


Starting Bend Oregon Stock has helped me get outside of the box. Taking photos at events I would never have brought my camera to. Opening my mind to another side of photography.


Not every site needs stock photos. A lot will need to hire a professional photographer. (please consider us) If you run a housing construction business you should hire a photographer to take pictures of the houses you have built. Use a photographer when needed to take pictures of your business. Customers want to see who YOU are.

One thing that everyone should understand is that in a start up world costs need and will be cut. Sometimes it is photography (branding perspective I don’t recommend) But if the client thinks that is the best then stock photography is your best bet.


How can you tell if stock photos are right for you?

A simple test any development company should be able to do is A/B testing. Try a stock photo verse a professional photo. See how the users react. If it isn’t benefiting your company maybe stock photos are the best a cost effective route to go.


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