Photographing Silver Falls State Park In The Spring

South Falls At Silver Falls State Park Photographed By Skyler Hughes

During the Spring in Oregon the rain starts falling and the leaves turn green. When it rains it is one of the best times for photographers to hike locations that are normally crowded. Silver Falls State Park is a frequently visited location and for good reason. The park consists of 10 different waterfalls and 4 you walk under. Oregon’s largest state park (9,000 acres) all the trails are absolutely stunning. The trail of ten falls loop is about nine miles and a fairly easy hike.

South Falls is the most visited of all the waterfalls less than a ¼ of a mile from the main parking lot. The 177 foot waterfall runs along Silver Creek and has multiple maple trees that canopy beneath the falls.

From Bend, Eugene, or Portland a day trip is enough to see the majority of the waterfalls, but I prefer to spend a day or two to make sure I get the right conditions. For example when I was at South Falls it was raining so hard it made it difficult to keep my lens clean. Returning to the same location when the rain settled down I was able to achieve better results.

There is overnight camping and cabins located across the street from South Falls. Making it easy to photograph the falls under any conditions you want.

Side note to all the dogs owners out there. I didn’t know they don’t allow dogs on the Canyon trail. Had to leave mine in the car.

Silver Creek Oregon Photography By Skyler Hughes

Upper North Falls Silver Falls State Park By Skyler Hughes

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