What Is Stock Photography?

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The other day I was talking with a graphic designer about a magazine he was working for. Further down the conversation he mentioned that the majority of the photography they used was free or payed very little for. (understandable for a start up local magazine) He was frustrated with what was going on within the company and I mentioned Bend Oregon Stock for microstock photography. Another individual overhearing our conversation asked what is stock photography? He literally thought we were taking pictures of livestock. (I laughed) I didn’t realize if you aren’t in the design or photography community you might not know the definition.

What is stock photography?

Stock photography is a resource of photographs that a client can purchase. It is beneficial to companies who do not want to hire a photographer and they can search for a specific photograph. Often stock sites have a large database of photos you can search through.

What are the different kinds of stock photography?

It typically boils down to how much a stock company is charging for photos:

Macrostock: Typically the prices are higher.

Midstock: Middle priced photos.

Microstock: Lowest priced photos. (sometimes free)

At Bend Oregon Stock we are between microstock and midstock. $5 for would most likely be considered microstock and $50 would be midstock.

What is Royalty Free?

At Bend Oregon Stock we offer Royalty Free photos. Free doesn’t mean free to use whenever, but free of royalties each time you use an image. There is usually a limit you can use the photos. We offer one time and unlimited use.

One Time Use: Use once anywhere on a website, print, or design.

Unlimited Use: Use as many times as you would like anywhere. (we reserve the right to ask you to take the photo down and a full refund)

Who buys stock photography?

At Bend Oregon Stock we aim to sell to local businesses in need of photos for their websites, facebook page, small print ads, and blogs. Typically the business who buy stock are:

Advertising agencies

Graphics Designers


Web Designers

With the new digital age it is important for every business to be a media company and that is where Bend Oregon Stock Photography comes into play. We look to help everyone be a media company. We make it easy to post to your social media, blog, advertisement, and many more.

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